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Verizon MVNO Reseller

Verizon is our most popular carrier activated, because you our dealers can activate almost any Verizon phone and have your customers talking in a matter of minutes on an unlimited plan with No Contract's, No Credit Check's, No Deposit's. With nationwide coverage that is as good as any contract plan. You as a dealer can check the ESN right here before purchasing or activating any phone. We also offer a risk free no cost test activation with a small credit for testing your phone prior to adding a plan.

1. Select tab Dealer Info->Check Verizon ESN. This will determine if the phone has money owed on previous contract or reported lost/stolen etc. Also subsadized prepaid phones may not be activated.

2. Then select tab Activate Plan->Activate Verizon. Enter the phones ESN and requested area code desired, after pressing send you will soon receive your new number.

3. After receiving your email with number, you can dial *22890 and listen to over the air programming. Once complete you will have a credit for testing calls, text and internet. Verifying all functions.

4. Then select tab Products->Apply Plan->Verizon and pick the customers desired monthly plan and shortly a text message will advise customer that there plan has arrived and ready for 30 days.


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Sprint MVNO Reseller

The Sprint Unlimited Everything plan is quickly becoming popular due to the truly unlimited internet data and full coverage that includes the post paid contract map, but with No Contract, No Credit Check, and No Deposits or hassle what so ever. Sprint maintaines a seperate PLBL database for resellers, so phones must be approved and added to the database via Sprint...Which is now a quick process that we can perform for our dealers. ( Includes 4G phones and service )

1. Select tab Dealer Info->Check Sprint ESN before ever purchasing or submitting a phone to the PLBL database for activation. There is a $10.00 fee for uploading ESN's, we do not marke this price up.

2. You will be notified by email from Sprint once the ESN is approved, which can take several days. So, dealers are advised to get phones pre-approved prior to placeing on sale to customers.

3. Once phones are approved select tab Activation->Activate Sprint, then enter the plan desired and area code preferred by the customer and service will be ready to use. * Notice, any phones purchased from us will arrive already added to the Sprint database and ready to activate.


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T-Mobile / AT&T MVNO Reseller

Once becoming a dealer with us you will be able to purchase sim cards and activate VIA a live portal for carriers on the T-Mobile & AT&T networks.

Simple Mobile is becoming very popular with there Truly Unlimited Everything for an unbelievable price of $40 a month, with add on's for international calling and Blackberry plans. A dealers activation fees and sale of a Sim card can generate 300 % profit each activation. just hover above over Activate Plan and select Unlock Services.

H20 Wireless can be used with any AT&T phone, or any GSM phones that have been unlocked. You also have the ability with us to generate unlock codes in only minutes to make extra income, or make your stock phones available for all carriers.

Services also available directly thru T-Mobile as cheap as $40 monthly with No Contract, No Credit Check, and No Deposit. Customers can even maintain there online accounts at Will be posted on your portal when specials are available.

You must first purchase a PIN prior to activating on the Simple Mobile or H2O Portal's.



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Carrier PIN's

We are able to supply most refill pin's on the marget as well as long distance calling cards. We can also establish bill payment and debit cards to sell, for store locations.

Our private label plan billing and monthly replinishmenst are handles in house. We can activate a terminal for supplying PIN's for any carrier such as Cricket, MetroPCS, etc. once you get a few activations started and get the feel of the system. This requires an additional contract be faxed in.


  • We are proud to anounce our new Instant Spiff All In One Activation & Replinishment Portal. All current dealers are guranteed approval the same day and accepting new dealers as well. Contact us for details or sign up today.
  • We have a email address Free for dealers that want one. See "Email" link above.
  • Now Have drop ship specials for dealers. Includes phone, plan, activation and shipping to customer in your buisness's name. See menu tab above.
  • New dealer sign up is only $39 and includes $90 worth of FREE Sim cards, with $175 in customer activation profit's to be made.

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Info Point

  • Every year, upgrades or damage make 100 million cell phones obsolete
  • In 2007, the recycling rate for cell phones was just 10 percent
  • The average life span of a cell phone is 18 months
  • The average American cell phone user owns three or more cellular phones
  • Up to 75 percent of obsolete phones are stockpiled in drawers, including the battery and the charger
  • The world’s largest cell phone recycler, ReCellular, collects 25,000 cell phones daily from more than 40,000 collection sites.

Services Status

  •     Verizon:            OK
  •     Sprint :            OK
  •     T-Mobile:          OK
  • Simple Mobile:   OK
  • H20 Wireless:  OK
  • Unlocking Service:  OK
  • Red Pocket:  NOK

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A Wireless Business Solution

thumb2_TAH02017.JPGWe offer a very simple solution for anyone to get into the wireless business. With most MVNO or master dealer programs you will normally have to pay $300 to $4000 to sign up and then have a minimum number of mandatory activations monthly that must be met and am charged for each plan you don't meet. Also, most charge you a $20 fee for each and every phones ESN that you upload to there database. Then if the phone turns out to be defective or will not over the air activate for what ever reason...Guess what, you just lost that $20 fee and will need to pay another fee to replace that phone.

That is not the case with eWireless. In most cases we can enable you to activate your customers phone and apply a credit so that you can test the phone and make sure everyones happy. Then you can add the plan and get charged a fair price for the service. We believe happy customers and dealers will come back for repeat business for years to come. There are NO required activations with us and the only start up cost is $39 for the cost of opening your online portal and a reoccurring fee of less than $7.00 monthly to maintain your active portal membership. We are only charging this minimal fee to maintain the quality service and support that you will need to operate your business, as this can be very time and cost intensive for us.

We stay in contact with other dealers and know that in most cases they pay 2 % of your gross sales and you must maintain a $50 minimum payment due to you in each given month to even be elidgable to recieve a payment. So, that means you will need to sell around $2500 in sales for the month, that's around 55 plans each month just to be able to get that $50 profit check 30 days later. Does that sound like a hassle? Well, with us your payment structure is different. When you sell one of our most popular plans you get 32% of the gross sale during a new activation, and 18 % each month during replenishments. You make that money at the time of sale and we don't care if you sell 1 plan that month. To us, even that 1 sell (customer) is as important as another dealers 55 sales

Your membership will include portals to activate services on the Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, H20 Wireless, Simple Mobile networks as well as a premium unlock code database to make money unlocking GSM phones. We support your business 7 days a week and even include a Free cell phone with your first Verizon activation and after joining us, we will send you free sim card's to help you get started.

After joining us you will have access to a link to purchase phones at our cost and the resources to become trained about the product's and service's that you will be providing to your customers.

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